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What is sourdough?

Sourdough makes up the basis of our bakery. Instead of relying on commercial yeast for leavening, we raise our own yeast, also known as a sourdough starter or leaven. While not as potent as the industrial variety, our sourdough has a wide flavor profile and adds complexity to our bread and sweets. The sourdough process also increases the accessible nutrition by giving the wild yeast time to break down the flour starch. For these reasons, these are the breads we choose to make, and savor with each other, with our family and friends.

Slow & cold fermentation
Our dough undergoes a long and cold rise, sometimes over 16 hours. This develops great flavor, and unlocks the nutritional potential of the flour.
High nutrition, low GI
The wild yeast in our sourdough leaven breaks down the flour, helping us to digest the bread and lowering the glycemic impact. More accessible nutrition means we can eat less but feel just as full.
Thin crusts, chewy crumbs
High-protein Taiwan wheat flour creates a great rise and chewy interior. The high-hydration process produces a custardy and aromatic crumb.

Flavor of Taiwan

We raise our sourdough on the freshest flour to maintain a healthy culture, which is why we use local Taiwanese wheat flour. We also try to use as many locally-grown ingredients as possible, because we believe freshness is quality.

About Maison Stella

Maison Stella was started by two people who share a passion for sourdough bread. Returning to Taiwan, we were disappointed with the quality and flavor of the local bread, so we started to develop our own Taiwan sourdough. Using the San Francisco sourdough as our launch pad, we are adapting the process to fit the environment and highlight Taiwan’s bountiful ingredients.